Secomak deliver cost-saving air knife system to a major cereal producer

After a successful 6 month trial process, Secomak, have recently designed and delivered an air knife system that will replace 90% of the current lines compressed air nozzles, for a major cereal producer. The remaining compressed air nozzles will be addressed with an energy conservation system.

With the intention of minimising costs the air knife system will comprise of a Secomak high velocity blower, stainless blower enclosures and a blower control system for automatic energy conservation using Secomak Eco pack. The compressed air nozzles will be fitted with line sensors and an air control system in order to reduce noise levels and energy consumption, which as a result will lower costs.

An initial calculation of savings was presented to the major cereal producer, which was then proven by a 6 month trial conducted by Secomak, the local University and the client.