Secomak launch latest product innovation at GulFood Manufacturing in Dubai

Air movement expert, Secomak, will be exhibiting in GulFood Manufacturing in Dubai World Trade Centre. For the first time ever Secomak will be showcasing ‘F.R.E.D.’ an innovative drying machine that is easily installed over existing production lines within the Food and Beverage Industry. F.R.E.D. has been purposely built for customer convenience and requires very little maintenance once installed. This retro-fit drying machine is a cost-effective solution to poor product quality currently being found on existing food and beverage production lines. Please come and visit us at CC Concept Marketing GmbH Stand A1-13.

For 25 years, Secomak have been solving drying problems on the world’s fastest production lines and have strong relationships with large end users. Anthony Hughes, Director of Sales comments, “At Secomak we are increasingly looking at how we can develop integrated solutions to the most complex challenges faced by our customers today and in the future.  F.R.E.D. is a simple and cost-effective, retro-fit drying solution that eliminates issues related to excess surface water such as rusty crown caps, label issues and illegible date codes, without complicated installations and high maintenance demands”.

Compressed air nozzles, which are widely used in industry today, are highly inefficient as a method for removing surface water. Major food and beverage manufacturers are spending in excess of £20,000 per annum on compressed air nozzles, yet by installing F.R.E.D., a blower driven air knife system, manufacturers can reduce the cost of operation by up to 82%. The use of a blower driven air knife system also ensures a higher level of performance for de-watering and cleaning applications. 

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