F.R.E.D.Bottling line

Flexible Reliable Efficient Drying

Secomak are delighted to launch their most flexible drying system ever, F.R.E.D.  Designed to be simple to install over just about any production line within the Food and Beverage Industry.

Air Knife technology expert, Secomak Ltd, have designed, developed and manufactured F.R.E.D; a Flexible, Reliable, Efficient Drying machine that can be easily installed over existing production lines.

F.R.E.D. is a cost-effective drying solution, which can be easily installed over existing production lines by the end user. The adjustable air knife mounting system makes F.R.E.D. highly flexible for multiple drying applications, serving Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Printing and Electronic sectors.

F.R.E.D. is a compact drying machine that has very little energy output maintaining a small production line footprint. With simplicity and reliability combined with full Secomak backup and technical support, F.R.E.D. offers ultimate performance with very low maintenance requirements.


•         Easy to install over existing production lines.

•         Cutting Edge Air Knife Technology. 

•         Very cost effective – low capital investment.

•         Energy efficient – Invertor controlled.

•         Very small footprint.

•         Reduces reject rates.

•         Very low maintenance – 20,000 hour warranty.

•         Range of applications.

•         UK manufactured– visit our factory! 

F.R.E.D. Documents

Download the Secomak F.R.E.D. Data Sheet F.R.E.D. Data Sheet

Download F.R.E.D. Information Booklet F.R.E.D. Information Booklet