Mistral High-Specification Cap and Neck Dryer

Crown Caps for Secomak Mistral Drying Machine

The Secomak Mistral

MISTRAL is a compressed air drying system specially designed for bottle caps and container seals, including bottle necks, crown caps, screw caps and jar screw threads. The system is ideally suited to preventing crown cap rusting, discolouration and bacterial growth while also removing moisture which can interfere with date coding, labelling or vision inspection systems. 

The compact unit is designed to fit over existing conveyor for easy integration into any line, and includes quick set height adjustments to suit multiple container sizes for rapid changeovers. 

The Mistral has a counter-facing set of 24 micro-nozzles, each individually adjustable to achieve optimum removal of moisture for a variety of applications. Air is directed towards the underside of the seal to atomise the liquid and remove it from the surface of the container. The spray is directed to the contoured hood which channels the liquid away from the line. As the containers emerge from the drying system two Ringjet Air Amplifiers clear the tops and sides of the container of any residual moisture.

The Mistral comes with a Secomak Air minder unit to regulate the use of compressed air, minimising energy costs and ensuring noise remains below 80dBA.

Bottles passing through Secomak Mistral V cap drying system


Secomak Mistral Drawings Mistral Indicative Drawings

Standard Configurations

Crown Caps

The Mistral is suitable for drying crown caps at speeds up to 78,000 units per hour.

- Drying for Date Coding

- Drying for Label Application  

- Drying Vision Inspection

Screw Caps

The Mistral is suitable for drying screw caps at speeds up to 78,000 units per hour.

- Drying for Date Coding 

- Drying for Label Application     

- Drying Vision Inspection

Jar Screw Threads

The Mistral is suitable for drying jar lids and seals at speeds up to 78,000 units per hour.

- Drying for Date Coding 

- Drying for Final Packing     

- Drying for Vision Inspection

Product Drawings

Please note, the product drawings are not planning certified and may differ from the final product provided. These drawings are provided as an indication only. For further details contact our technical sales team at +44 (0)20 8732 1300 or email.

Secomak Mistral Drawing

Additional Options

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  • The Secomak Air-Minder

Mistral Add-ons

  • Closed Hood