Pneumatic AirStrip

Air knife removing water from the base of a can

Secomak pneumatic airstrip solutions

Compressed air knife for drying, anti-static and cooling installations...

The Pneumatic Neublade Airstrip, utilises innovative technology developed to give the highest performance, lowest noise and lowest air (and therefore energy) consumption compared to any other product. The powerful, whisper-quiet blade of air is ideal for drying, cleaning, cooling or containing in all kinds of process, food and manufacturing applications.

Key to it’s performance is our flow straightening technology (patent applied for) which provides an exceptionally  laminarsheet of air. The low levels of turbulence also mean extremely low noise (65dB).

Key benefits of using Pneumatic AirStrip

  • No moving parts - means the Neublade is maintenance free
  • Ultra low air consumption means significantly lower running costs than standard nozzles and strips
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation (typically 65 dB) for an improved working environment
  • Easily mounted onto existing installations
  • Choice of air entry for maximum flexibility

Secomak Neublade