PowerDry Mid-range Container Dryer

Wet can tops and tabs

The Secomak PowerDry

POWERDRY is a modular drying system designed to fit over a clients own conveyor and guide system. 

Available in a variety of standard configurations to suit the major drying problems in the food and beverage industries at the competitive prices demanded by the worlds major OEMs and machine integrators. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel, the top enclosure, with space saving gull wing doors, houses a range of drying fixtures in set configurations for all major drying tasks.

The dispersed water is contained and directed to ground level via an integral drip tray and drain which also serves to isolate and protect the high efficiency blower. There are a choice of power packs from  the Secomak range of high velocity blowers fitted with high efficiency motors and drives. Incremental scales for all diameter and height changes come as standard, as well as special acoustic packs to reduce noise to legislative levels.

POWERDRY offers high performance, ease-of-use and reliability at competitive  prices with Secomak backup and technical support.

Secomak Power Dry on Krones Filling Line


Secomak PowerDry Datasheet PowerDry Data Sheet

Secomak PowerDry Drawing PowerDry Indicative Drawings

Standard Configurations

Metallic Containers

The PowerDry is suitable for cans, tins, metallic bottles and containers at speeds up to 60,000 units per hour.

- Drying for Date Coding 

- Drying for Label Application   

- Drying for Final Packing   

- Drying Ring Pulls & Seals

Glass Containers

The PowerDry is suitable for glass bottles, jars and containers at speeds of up to 60,000 units per hour

- Drying for Date Coding

- Drying for Label Application

- Drying for Vision Inspection

- Drying for Shrink Sleeves

Plastic & PET Containers

The PowerDry is suitable for plastic and PET bottles and containers at speeds up to 48,000 units per hour.

- Drying for Date Coding 

- Drying for Label Application 

- Drying for Vision Inspection

Product Drawings

Please note, the product drawings are not planning certified and may differ from the final product provided. These drawings are provided as an indication only. For further details contact our technical sales team at +44 (0)20 8732 1301 or email.

Secomak PowerDry Line Drawing

Additional Options

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  • The Secomak Dryguide


  • The Secomak Eco-pack

Case Studies

Magners Bottle Label Drying Case Study
Click here to find out how a Secomak bottle drying solution helped Magners Cider improve product appearance.

The Secomak bottle dryers have had an immediate effect on quality. They allow us to reach very high bottling and labelling speeds with complete confidence.

QA Manager, Magners Cider