Thermoshrink Capsealer 1000 Heating Unit

The Secomak Thermoshrink Capsealer 1000 is a heating unit designed for capsule shrinking

The Secomak Thermoshrink Capsealer 1000

The Thermoshrink Capsealer 1000 is a mid-range, all purpose shrink tunnel designed for shrinking capsule sleeves up to 300 bottles per minute.  The unit is suitable for production on both automated sleeving lines and hand application lines.

The Thermoshrink Capsealer 1000 features robust heating elements with individual temperature control for intensive yet precise operation and two heat zones to ensure quality capsule sleeving. The unit comes with full air circulation for maximum efficiency and multiple air nozzles to ensure even and accurate dispersion of heat for a smooth wrinkle free finish. The robust heating elements with burst control ensure reliability and long life with inbuilt overheat protection and full recirculation of air to provide maximum safety and efficiency.

The Thermoshrink Capsealer 1000 delivers a quality end-product at an affordable price, with little maintenance required and simple controls for easy adjustment. 


Secomak Thermoshrink Capsealer 1000 Data Sheet Capsealer 1000 Data Sheet

Secomak Thermoshrink Capsealer 1000 Drawings Capsealer 1000 Indicative Drawings

Secomak Capsealer 1000 Shrink Tunnel for Sleeves

Standard Configurations

Shrink Capsules

The Capsealer 1000 is suitable for shrinking capsules at speeds up to 18,000 units per hour.

Product Drawings

Please note, the product drawings are not planning certified and may differ from the final product provided. These drawings are provided as an indication only. For further details contact our technical sales team at +44 (0)20 8732 1300 or email.

Secomak 1000 Capsealer Drawings

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